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Grams Macaroni Salad

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Grams Macaroni Salad

Grams Macaroni Salad

carrots and celery

In her later years, my Grandmother, who I affectionately named Grams, would always offer to make the Macaroni Salad for the warm weather picnic style gatherings. Not one for salads over -laden with mayonnaise and preferring simple foods, Macaroni Salad was Grams best pick to insure something plain and simple on the table which also contained just enough vegetables for a bit of crunch and color. 

one medium-sized red onion

With access to so many diverse ingredients in today’s market and considering the large shift in taste preferences toward bolder flavors including the now common use of full-flavored spices, a range of hot peppers, and the hot chili sauce, Sriracha, it all makes Grams Macaroni Salad seem well, perhaps even somewhat bland.

Nevertheless, preparing the dish a day in advance, enabling the flavors to blend well together, I decided to stick to the old preparation for the Fourth of July celebration, offering a bowl from the hot weather picnic gatherings of past, a simple slice of  Americana, Grams Macaroni Salad.











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