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Golden Beets & Little Red Potatoes, Arugula Salad

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Golden Beets & Little Red Potatoes, Arugula Salad

Golden Beets & Little Red Potatoes, Arugula Salad

Senses bursting on overload, I happened onto the ultimate perfect timing in a plethora of the freshest, most colorful displays of produce ever last week just following a meeting held at a market cafe table set on the patio outside. One of those warm, crystal clear, sunny fall days.


The bins were so bursting forth with selection that every time I ripped another sheet from the rolling plastic bag dispenser, I was back again having eyed another and another perfect choice, greens of every hue, shades of reds, tints of golden. When I say perfect choice however, it doesn’t mean I had any idea what I was planning to prepare, only certainty that many delicious dishes would shortly occur. 

One of these prepared from among the day’s selections, Golden Beets & Little Red Potatoes, Arugula Salad.


Bounty always seems to inspire creativity making the combination of ingredients an easy task, but in this case, once shared, the question came to mind, is this Golden Beets & Little Red Potatoes, Arugula Salad best for a Dinner Party or a Tailgate? As it turned out everyone unanimously agreed: Both.


Today’s salad is a good example on how you can use lots of fresh vegetable combinations in salads, utilizing them for the elegant beginning of a dinner party among friends, or, simply preparing the ingredients separately, later tossing them all together just before presenting them as a healthy, appetizing side on the Tailgate table. 


Really, it just goes to show you, no matter what the feature of your meal at the shared table, from a sautéed French style fresh fish in butter sauce to a grilled burger or a slab of ribs straight off the grill, a beautiful side dish bursting with color and flavor suits perfectly well on any special occasion from the Dinner Party to the Tailgate. Bon Appetit. Go Team.

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