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Garden Celeriac, Leek, Turnip, & Potato Soup

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Garden Celeriac, Leek, Turnip, & Potato Soup

Garden Celeriac, Leek, Turnip, & Potato Soup

Today’s soup marks the end of the fresh vegetables from the backyard garden, celeriac and leeks.

Beneath the soil they sat in wait for one special occasion dinner.

A bit of nourishment in a steaming hot and healthy first course in celebration, and perhaps a bit of recuperation for my sister Michelle after running the 26.2 mile Philadelphia Marathon last weekend.


Now my little sis Michelle is one amazing gal. Turns out, she barely needed a whole lot of recuperation after such a feat.

She’s got a big ole smile in the green jacket above. I’m taking the shot on Main Street in the Manayunk section essentially the three- quarter point of the race winding through both the scenic and historic streets of Philadelphia,


and then she was smiling even bigger as she emerged at the end point. Now that is one determined look of accomplishment.


Afterwards, Michelle enjoyed her own cheering crowd, even friends who drove down from Baltimore in support of the occasion. It was a full day dashing from spot to spot capturing the moments en route.


The celeriac and leeks were pulled from the garden and the soup prepared the day before the event leaving plenty of time upon returning home to a nice hot shower before enjoying our evening get-together and hearty meal courses at the shared table. I thought she would be falling asleep halfway through the meal. That didn’t happen. I told you she’s amazing.

Philly Marathon 2


A steamy bowl of creamy combined garden vegetables soup always seems a good starter course even if you haven’t just run a marathon or even have your own garden. Restorative or just plain comforting, Garden Celeriac, Leek, Turnip, & Potato Soup serves up as a real winner, savored, and appreciated all around.

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