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Fennel, Orange, Kalamata Olives Salad

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Fennel, Orange, Kalamata Salad

Fennel, Orange, Kalamata Olives Salad

It’s always fun to prepare a little something for others that they may not typically eat, and much to my delight I can hardly remember ever exposing people to new ingredients or cuisines that they didn’t end up really enjoying and were quite happy for the flavor experience. 

While recently visiting family in St. Petersburg Beach Florida, I took note on the gorgeous bulbs of fennel displayed at the market within walking distance just down the street. Since I tend to get as excited about food ingredients as some women get about a new pair of shoes, my mind wandered on preparing one of those feathery topped vegetables.

Dijon Orange Vinaigrette

Fortunately, my brother and sister and law were coming to dinner and I decided on the Fennel, Orange, Kalamata Olives Salad. With other complementary ingredients on hand, there was also an extra orange for halving and whisking up into a lovely Dijon Orange Vinaigrette.

Having been born in Italy, and with fennel being a popular vegetable in the regional cuisine, my sister in law, Marie, and her mother, have prepared many versions of Fennel over the years but she really loved this salad and it turned out as rather the hit of the evenings’ meal.

oranges and kalamata olives

Upon later traveling to Las Vegas the following week I was eager to prepare the salad again for sharing with you. The fennel bulbs were not quite as plump as my original preparation, but equally as tasty. So, wherever you live and whatever size fresh bulbs may present at your market Fennel Salad may provide for a unique and delicious little meal starter for your own family and friends.

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