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Colorful Exotic Fruits Salad

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Colorful Exotic Fruits Salad

Colorful Exotic Fruits Salad

Brrr. I certainly wasn’t expecting for it to be so cold out on my return from Los Angeles late last night (but in time to see Villanova make the final winning NCAA victory shot!)

Not that it’s hot in Los Angeles. And people oftentimes under- dress. Yes. One does need a sweater in early morning and evening in Los Angeles and layering is the key dress travel tip.

Exotic Fruits

It was a busy schedule making a first stop off in Las Vegas to visit my dear sister Carolyn, and fabulous brother-in-law, Roger for a few brief days before heading to conference with the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) held in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles.

It was interesting to attend culinary functions in the Dolby Theater, a place of certain significance being where the Oscars are held.

Upon peeking onto the outer corridors a long red carpet had been rolled out onto the street side with upside down u-shaped exterior closures being busily draped with greens and florals readying for some upcoming grand event of stars.

I was admittedly blissfully unaware of what was about to occur, along with having no intention of joining the street crowds for an impromptu selfie, a proving statement that I am a boomer rather than a millennial. Or, perhaps, it’s just my nature that being a star chaser has never been my thing.


One of the IACP convention sponsors was Melissa’s Produce, a company that first introduced me to star fruit at a Philadelphia food event a few years back.

There is no need to skin that star fruit, just rinse and slice.

Melissa’s Produce holds its own special category as a company responsible for introducing many new and unique produce items from throughout the world into the United States.

When it comes to fruit, you can learn a lot just by visiting their website and their Instagram is really, really beautiful too.


Today’s Colorful Exotic Fruits Salad is particularly lovely for entertaining along with being quick and easy to put together.

On its first appearance, I prepared it as a Food Demonstration at an Eastern Montgomery County Women’s Connection monthly breakfast event.

The second time at a sort of catered affair for my father-in law and friends at his apartment some weeks back. Given the cleared platter of these tasty fruits among the 80 plus age crowd the group definitely scored high in having open minds for trying and enjoying what were some unique, new flavors.

Enjoy the fruits.

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