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Egg Salad

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Egg Salad

Egg Salad

The question of the day is:

When serving guests, How much more Egg Salad is leftover compared to Deviled Eggs?

The answer is ZERO. There is never any leftover Egg Salad, the same as there are never any leftover Deviled Eggs.

brown eggs

Instead of the common Egg Salad Sandwich prepared as a quick meal for lunch or dinner, my sister Carolyn asked if I would prepare a nice sized bowl of Egg Salad to serve alongside crackers the last time she was hosting Bridge Club.

chopped scallions

I never realized how good Egg Salad tasted on crackers. The side was delicious and proved an excellent choice on the simply set buffet. And once again reaffirming an answer to my question of the day, there was ZERO Egg Salad left at the end of Bridge Club.

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