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Easy Chinese Chicken Dumplings

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Easy Chinese Chicken Dumplings

Easy Chinese Chicken Dumplings

Few things compare to the comfort of fresh Chinese dumplings just out of the steamer. Soft, lightly translucent and revealing the slightest bit of color when readied for tasting the tempting juicy bites first dipped into the soy and tangy rice vinegar sauce.


There are countless varieties of Chinese Dumplings along with many different styles of wrapping them from a small pouch, fork pronged leaf shapes to a tightly closed top twist resembling a coin purse.

You can even decoratively tie the tops of Dumplings using thin green strips of blanched scallions. Today’s Easy Steamed Chinese Dumplings provide a simple ingredient selection with a finished closure merely bringing together all four corners then tightly pinching the openings down the seams.


Dumplings make a great first course to a meal or as part of Dim Sum offering as part of a selection of small bite items, such as along with Shrimp Toasts, Scallion Pancakes or Spring Rolls another savory and sweet specialty served alongside the same dipping sauce.




Fresh steamed Chinese Dumplings are a specialty freshly prepared and enjoyed any time throughout the year all over the world, including as a hot and steamy street food throughout many parts of Asia. 


There are also similar but varying seasoning combinations in Chinese Dumpling preparation from the combined soy and oyster sauce as we use today to some other popular enhancing flavors as soy sauce, sesame oil or hoisin. Most all of the liquid flavors in the preparation of Dumplings include the addition of a bit of cornstarch as a binder between ingredients.


Dumplings also seem to have a way of inspiring conversation in between dipping and popping into ones mouth one after another of the succulent bites, especially served alongside beer or cocktails. Its no wonder Dumplings have been a favorite small bite for centuries. Enjoyed as a snack, a side dish, a meal, or as part of a Dim Sum, anyway you pop it, savor and enjoy.

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