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Did I Mention the Goody Bags? Le Dames May 4th Global Celebration of Women & Food

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Did I Mention the Goody Bags? Le Dames May 4th Global Celebration of Women & Food

So, this morning at the bus stop a friend inquires me imagining what kind of Goody Bags one gets at such a grand day- long food event as the upcoming May 4th Philadelphia Le Dames d’ Escoffier, Cuisine, Culture & Community: A Global Celebration of Women & Food.

She even wonders if it is worth paying the ticket price just to see what some of the Food Businesses and Vendors might supply for testing and tasting among a group of female culinary professionals and otherwise foodie culinarians who indeed are also major supporters of these related type sponsors. Did I mention the Goody Bags?

Well OK I did mention them, but in such a teeny tiny line at the bottom of yesterday’s announcement Post, I had not been planning to spoil the surprise.  But since the food is out of the bushel basket, so to speak, I suppose now everyone wants to at least get a little peek on whats in store.

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Are you ready? Everyone shout Yes if you or your very best friend or your Mom might enjoy any of these. How about a Spice Grinder filled with spices? A 17 ounce tin of  French Puree de Marrons? Maybe, just maybe, some really heavenly chocolate, some coffee, a carrot shaped shopping bag to fill with these and some of the other surprise gifts among food sponsors? Oh no, absolutely not, I’m stopping it right there and sharing no more. If you want to know what is in the bag and bring it home, then you must join in on the day and find out for yourself.

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If you really want to join in on the day, well wait, wait, news just in, it cannot be, impossible (that’s eem-po-ceeb-lay with a French Accent) I am just informed while writing this Post that joining in on the Final Limited Available Space Seats, including for students,  is now available at discounted price of $75.  That is correct, $75. First Come, First Serve. The Le Dames have decided that in order to earn the absolute Maximum Culinary Scholarship Funding amount they can in 2013 just for this year they want to be sure that every single seat in the house is Full to capacity so if the Goody Bag isn’t already enough value, now, if you move fast, very fast, (we have a lot of competition going on throughout the region at this moment)  you can secure from among these very last seats to be had.

Here’s the Link to Register. See you there, before the Goody Bags all run out.

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