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Cooking with Kids, Fresh Caught Grilled Trout, Mushroom Wine Sauce

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Fresh Caught Grilled Trout, Mushroom Wine Sauce

Fresh Caught Grilled Trout, Mushroom Wine Sauce

Proving this is no ‘fish tale’ the J-Dude, reeled in one heck of a good sized trout up at the Poconos last weekend. I’m thinking his abilities might be hereditary from Mom, Sooky, who since as a little girl could catch a fish merely putting the hook into the water masterfully maneuvering the might of any struggle and pulling it right on up into the net waiting off the side of the boat. 


Check out this colorful, speckled beauty. On this same day, Sooky snagged a few huge sized bass and one small colorful brook trout whose size seemed hardly worth the cooking effort, but the bass will be an upcoming post in a nice stew I’m preparing tonight with some fresh potatoes yanked from the garden alongside some fresh clipped kale or Swiss chard (the latter depending on what the rabbits and deer have helped themselves to over the past couple of days.)


Besides providing the ‘Catch of the Day,’ the J-Dude then prepared our special dish for the evening stuffing the trout with lots of fresh thyme and oregano clipped right out of the planters on the deck and wrapping the whole fish with strips of smoked center-cut bacon. Easy enough.


The trout doesn’t appear to be smiling like my Grandson. Dinner. Dinner. A fine Trout Dinner.


While the trout was in it’s grilling stages, we closed the lid and went just inside to throw the mushrooms into the pan and prepare the Mushroom Wine Sauce which took around ten minutes.


We used a combined batch of crimini and shiitake mushrooms providing a tasty earthy flavor mixed with lemon, white wine and the butter. You know what they say everything is better with butter. Or is that bacon? Either way we’ve got both ingredients covered.

Cooking with Kids, Fresh Caught Grilled Trout Mushroom Wine Sauce

It hardly gets better than ‘stream to table,’ well besides the big ole’ smile of satisfaction in having provided the day’s meal, and, of course, proving, this is no fish tale.

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