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Collard Greens and Bacon

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Collard Greens and Bacon

Collard Greens and Bacon

Lucky veg whose green color symbolizes money. Yes.

Is it necessary to overcook these greens to death? No.

Only last week I emphasized this point to a friend responding to my planned lucky foods New Year’s dishes. I should note that I take preparing traditional Good Luck New Year’s Day foods so seriously that no matter how much or how many people I’ve cooked for over the holidays, no matter how late I’ve stayed up on New Year’s Eve, or even if no one is coming over, the discipline in seeing through these foods is critical toward ensuring the year ahead, otherwise, to me, it’s sort of like praying to God to win the lottery but failing to buy a ticket.

Happy New Year 2017! Collard Greens with Bacon were on my good luck menu and they are delicious with a gentle warming until just cooked fully through, while still maintaining their bright green color. Now I realize I’m packing here a recipe that in the first week of January contains bacon, and bacon grease, but not excessive amounts and a bowl of these, ahem, not overcooked greens, are a healthy and delicious vegetable to include in your mix, not to mention they have luck attached to them. Wishing you a lucky year ahead, be sure to eat your greens.

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