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Cocktail Cod Cakes, Remoulade

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Cocktail Cod Cakes, Remoulade

Cocktail Cod Cakes, Remoulade

Soon the holiday season will officially be upon us and to go along with some fancy cocktail cheer you may be looking for some interesting hors-d’oeuvres. These Cocktail Cod Cakes Remoulade may just be the perfect pick for your entertaining needs.

Crab can be pricey around the holidays, especially when serving a crowd so cod also offers a tasty alternative and is readily accessible at any market plus you can oftentimes find it on sale. After preparing these sensational cocktail sized cod cakes I found them as tasty as crab, maybe even tastier! 

Inspired by one of my favorite cookbooks, “Vineyard Harvest” by Tina Miller with Christie Matheson, these Cocktail Cod Cakes, Remoulade bites are really delicious, and quite pretty for presenting to guests. 

If you prepare the Cocktail Cod Cakes early in the day you can always put them into an already hot oven to just warm through before dabbing on a touch of the Remoulade and a snip of parsley before serving.

Bring on the cheer!

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