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Cheesy Bread

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Cheesy Bread, open face toasted bread with melted Cooper Sharp cheese

Cheesy Bread

Would you even believe this is the current fav trending at my house? ‘Cheesy Bread.’ No kidding. Do you have one of these quick and easy favorites at your house?

Sooky started the fad baking one of these up late one night, and it smelled so good in the oven next thing you know I was buying more Cooper Sharp by the pound at the deli counter. Speaking of the deli counter when having your Cooper Sharp sliced, ask them to spread it out for Cooper Sharp is one of those cheeses that really sticks together if piled high into a stack.


Cheesy Bread is great for an after-school snack, alongside a light salad or soup for dinner, even for breakfast, just one of those sorts of dishes you can prepare and put onto the table in mere minutes.


Ridiculously simple, there are 2 ingredients, sour dough bread slices, and sliced Cooper Sharp Cheese.


Simply line a baking sheet with parchment paper and cook the ‘Cheesy Bread’ until somewhat toasted and the cheese is all melted, then, in the final moment broil your cooked Cheesy Bread until the tops begin turning a golden color while some spots begin to brown and blister (the best part in my book) So delicious. Yep. It’s true. In my house, a Sooky special, Cheesy Bread. It’s what’s trending.

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