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Celeriac and Spinach Soup

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Celeriac and Spinach Soup

Celeriac and Spinach Soup

One of the many pleasantries of spring, in its renewal of growth and activity is the relative ease one is enabled popping up from underneath lighter covers into the growing warmth of early morning light.

This also has its advantages for getting out to the Farmer’s Market just as the canopies pop up offering some cover for those limited number of hours to the broad and growing selections of diverse locally grown seasonal products available for sale.


The past two early morning Saturday’s before beginning the weekend engagement of events included quick trips out to one of my favorite among the areas Farmer’s Markets including Phoenixville brimming with a broad selection of spring picks.

 The Charlestown Farm featured some of the most beautiful fresh celeriac ever, along with large bags of small bright green spinach leaves and so on this early riser spring day we have a luscious Celeriac and Spinach Soup. Enjoy.

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