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Pavlova, Carmina’s Home Cooking Demonstration with Sweet Memories of Days in Australia

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Pavlova, Carmina’s Home Cooking Demonstration with Sweet Memories of Days in Australia


Pavlova? This is the one word question I surprisingly inquired my friend Carmina who is from the Philippines when she and some others among our Ladies International Group began scheduling in from among representative cultures sharing toward the new Cultural Home Cooking segment with Spiced Peach Blog.

I had certainly not expected my Filipino friend whose variety of foods I had enjoyed so much over the years wanting to feature the essential favorite national dessert of Australia, but she did.

However, the Pavlova was not a random idea, and for a few reasons, one being that Carmina and her husband, Ivan, spent many years living and working in Australia in the early days of their marriage before coming to the United States and Pavlova was their very favorite dessert.

Another, is that this lovely dessert is best prepared a day in advance, providing then upon my arrival, one already baked and ready to enjoy, allowing ample time to create yet another Pavlova together for you to learn and enable time to enjoy a luncheon together with our friend, Karen.

Then there was a highly featured guest of the day to impress, Carmina’s son, Ben, just back from studying in Australia. Besides, with most of the long winter behind us, Pavlova with its brightly combined colors and textures lends a cheery feeling toward springtime ahead. So, Pavlova it is.

Onto the history of this light, meringue based billowy dessert resembling a puffy cloud and named after Anna Pavlova, a Russian Ballet Dancer. Perhaps you could agree that if viewed in an abstract art sort of way the imagination  might  lend the shape something of a full shaped tutu.

The Master Chef behind this creative masterpiece is likely in question since although notably created in honor of Anna Pavlova on a ballet tour to Australia and New Zealand there is apparently a battle of origin, so after reviewing many related articles on this subject it seems that New Zealand is also winning a round. And I’ll leave it at that.

 Nevertheless, Pavlova continues as a much loved dessert in both of the countries and is served mostly cream filled at dining establishments everywhere, as well as many households during holidays with assorted varieties of fresh fruits and nuts adorning the top.

One of the fun aspects about doing the Cultural Home Cooking Feature is the things you learn that you never knew about friends in all the many years you have known them.

For example, though always naturally well put together, Carmina’s organizational skills, preparation strategy and presentation for making the Pavlova was so impressive that I think the Food Network should hire her.


I am pretty sure now that Carmina was really cut out for television production or something, no kidding, including her photogenic qualities and plus, I believe you and everyone else would just love her too.

Incidentally, Carmina’s son, Ben, is quite good at the technical aspects of movie production. Sharing his progress, our luncheon ended viewing Ben’s latest interesting piece filmed at the children’s education school supported through Carmina’s family in the Philippine’s.

Speaking of learning new things about friends even after knowing each other for years, baking or cooking together is really such a good way for friends to experience new things together and share time.

Perhaps you already cook with friends or the thought has crossed your mind but it is great fun and highly recommended. Along with intermittent conversation throughout the preparation process, afterward then, you can reap some rewards of your efforts at the shared table together.

Some of the important features in the organization of Carmina’s shared Pavlova did include preparing one Pavlova the evening before which is the recommended course of action since Pavlova requires a long time in cooling down, usually, as in this case, while staying put in the oven.

After the designated ninety minute, bake time the oven turned off , the oven door is kept ajar letting the Pavlova cool down right on the oven rack resting for at least a few hours, preferably overnight. Carmina places a wooden spoon between the oven door and the inside while the Pavlova is coming completely down to temperature.

this is how the egg white mixture should look, stiff when mixing bowl is inverted

spead egg white mixture onto circle of parchment building more on the outside than the inside like a cave

Creating this essential airy white cloud, or if viewing in abstract form as a full tutu only requires attention and care while whipping the egg whites, then adding the ingredients in the appropriate timing and order, that is it.

Notice here the operative words are attention and care and with these as your guide, well, you can see in the photo above and Carmina demonstrates the guided outcome beneath.

completed mixture form ready for oven

Over the years, I have heard many people express difficulty in beating egg whites to the desired peaks. Following a couple of fundamentals makes this more easily accomplished.

Beginning with a very clean mixing bowl free of all residues and completely dry is the first step. Next, taking great care in separating the egg whites from the yolks, even a slight amount of yolk mixed into the egg whites can compromise your desired result.

If you are unsure on cracking eggs then successfully separating the eggs individually first into a small bowl is helpful toward transferring each clear egg white into the mixing bowl.


place into oven

Next, the ingredients within this recipe are all friends of sorts to assist you in creating the necessary volume, the salt, the cream of tartar, cornstarch and vinegar each performing their own task within the incorporation of the confectioners sugar. Following the fundamentals will ensure the meringue like consistency firm enough to spread onto your parchment circle.

into oven

And then, I’ve also heard many people over the years declare frustration on making their own whipped cream. This task is also best begun with a very clean and dry mixing bowl, letting the mixer do its job, and taking care not to over- beat for once the cream is whipped it is clear to see, turn off the mixer, the topping is done.

Using the powdered confectioners sugar as in this recipe also aids in the thickening of the cream with the added Kahlua and a bit of vanilla extract then enhancing the flavor combined with the sweetness.

when ready to assemble cake, make whipped cream

pour heavy whipping cream into mixer

adding in 10X sugar and kahlua

whipped cream whipping

gently pull paper from underneath

completely removing the parchment from the Shell

Baked Pavlova on cake dish is ready to be filled

and before serving sprinkle the top of the cake with toasted slivered almonds

At the end of our pleasant day baking together, warm conversation between friends, and a delicious luncheon, it was clear, Pavlova, was an excellent choice Post for this series.

an inside shot

With many spring holidays and festivities ahead perhaps Pavlova will be the perfect choice for you too, either baking with friends at a luncheon, or for introducing to guests at your next event, the much-loved dessert in both Australia and New Zealand, and in our parts of the world now too. Many thanks to Carmina for sharing along the spice road of food and friendship on Spiced Peach Blog.

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