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Boxty, the Irish potato pancake with the delicious golden crispy outside and creamy tasty inside was my St. Patrick’s Day blog dish.

Remember St. Patrick’s Day? The annual March 17 traditional Irish event whose mere date was, for the most part, all the celebration it received this 2020. Coinciding with our nationwide closure in America’s first national tragedy of the year.


With a simple Irish celebration in a home-cooked meal planned for that evening, even that went by the wayside like a tornado spinning on farmland. As my sister and brother in law hurried to make flight changes rushing to get back to their other home in Florida the day before St. Patrick’s Day especially due to having left their cats with a caretaker in the original plan of returning later the following week. It became an airport whirlwind trying to beat any possible flight closures.


Not all Casinos had yet closed up so the relatively quiet airport was a surreal contrast to the parking lots still packed and booming with stakes action nearby and around the Vegas strip.

snipped chives

Later on, poking a fork around the edges of one of the fried Boxty set on paper towel-lined plates before just finishing it off provided a tasty bite but still less satisfying than sharing dinner with others in celebration of the day. A long sheet of freezer paper enabled carefully laying out the ready fried golden patties before wrapping and storing for a later time. The final remaining momentum of its good to be Irish day sat upon the bar area, a sparkling Waterford glass and Jameson’s Irish whiskey waiting for at least a lovely festive pour. Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2020.

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