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Bow Tie Pasta with Green Peas, Tomato, Asiago

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Bow Tie Pasta with Tomatoes, Green Peas, Asiago

Bow Tie Pasta with Green Peas, Tomato, Asiago

cooked bow tie pasta in skillet with vegetables

On Monday I shared my less than an hour Stuffed Chicken Pockets with Cremini Mushrooms, Green Onions and Asiago.  Guess what else you can prepare alongside that dish within that same hour?

Yes. In the very same hour of preparing your stuffed chicken pockets you can whip up this delicious Bow Tie Pasta with Green Peas, Tomato, Asiago as the complimentary side. 

bunch of washed scallions

Of course, you could prepare this Bow Tie combination and serve it all by itself. But these pretty cooked Bow Ties with green and red specks really do look so lovely decoratively arranged with the sliced stuffed chicken on top.

One time saver in creating any food spread is using a couple of same ingredients that combine nicely in multiple dishes which also saves you time by chopping a whole batch of ingredients at once. In this case the scallions are incorporated in both the chicken pockets and today’s bow tie pasta dish. Whenever you use this method you can then distribute amounts of your finished prep according to the recipe measurements or approximations.

shredded Asiago Cheese

The Asiago cheese was shredded once and also then used for both the Stuffed Chicken Pockets and today’s Bow Tie Pasta with Green Peas, Tomato, Asiago.

cup of Bird's Eye Baby Sweet Peas

Peas, peas, peas, they go with most anything and lets face it, unless you are hand picking from the pods, there is nothing difficult about throwing some baby sweet peas into a dish. Besides a little added nutrition, peas add a pop of color and dimension to most any dish including today’s Bow Tie Pasta preparation.

stuffed chicken pockets with cremini mushrooms scallions and asiago

Yum. Like I said. In less than an hour you can transform your plain chicken breast dinner to a healthy meal of flavorful elegance. Yes. In less than an hour.

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