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Bob’s Grill ‘Eat. Drink. BBQ.’ Smokin’ Ribs Board, #MakeHeartsHappy

Bob's Grill 'Eat. Drink. BBQ.' Smokin' Ribs Board, #MakeHeartsHappy

Bob’s Grill ‘Eat. Drink. BBQ.’ Smokin’ Ribs Board, #MakeHeartsHappy

When the email request came through with the sweet caption #MakeHeartsHappy, I couldn’t resist. I mean who doesn’t want to make someone happy? I clicked right in and checked it out.

The #MakeHeartsHappy campaign was designed for the week after Valentine’s Day through “Personal Creations,” an FTD company, whose personalized kitchen gift selections include a broad variety of really nice, practical, gift choices such as monogrammed mixing bowls, cheese boards, pie carriers, and more. Although I certainly wouldn’t even have minded picking out a little something for myself,  I instead focused on the wide variety of personalized monogrammed cutting boards and went with: Bob’s Grill. Eat. Drink. BBQ. That pretty much says it all. Smoked meats and beer are really popular around here, and it is after all #MakeHeartsHappy day!


Now y’all might want to note that whether the name is Bob, Bill, or Joe, remember to turn that nice cutting board onto the other side before slicing those Smoked Ribs.

Meanwhile, Bob the Smoking Master at this residence is keeping real close to the cuff on his special Smoked Ribs recipe insuring my own Recipe of the Day:

Monogrammed ‘Eat Drink BBQ’ Grillin’ Board

Rack of Smoked Ribs

Cold Beer. Cold Beer.


I received this cutting board to try out, all opinions and experiences are my own. As a final aside, the Monogrammed Cutting Board arrived within a reasonable period of about a week, making the creative idea of personalized kitchen gifts a very nice gift option, the prices are reasonable too. You might even want to pick out a little something for yourself.

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