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Black Beans and Rice

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Black Beans and Rice

Black Beans and Rice

Black Beans and Rice

A double batch of Black Beans has plenty more uses than just a pot of Black Bean Soup. I’ve formerly prepared lots of recipes using Black Beans such as Black Bean and Pepper Jack Quesadillas or combining them with an array of diverse ingredients such as Potluck Summer Sweet Corn, Black Bean, Jalapeno and Red Pepper Salad.

Oh, how I wish people could blend as well together like the combination of diverse ingredients in food. Oh, how I wish people would stop shouting at each other. And listen.

So many caring and peaceful people emerged to unite throughout this country in rightful protest and concern for injustice. The loss of a brother, a citizen, a man, a human being, with demands for righting things that have been very wrong for a long time. Stealing the honor of righteousness from George Floyd, his family, the African American community, and pretty much everyone in America angered with this horrific injustice have been random groups- randomly destroying our communities, cities, and our country. This hurts our whole American family. All of us.

desert flowers

Flowers in memory of George Floyd.

As people shout at each other for new rules, new training, new laws, endless talking head comments for leaders to do more I cannot help to believe that we continually miss the point. Like the words from the hymn, Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with ME. Me. Each of us. All people.

I caught the tail end of an interview with the Governor of Oklahoma the other day. While reiterating the message of Jesus to love your neighbor as yourself, he brought up the importance of people getting to know and understand each other on an individual level throughout our communities. This is how we begin to bridge differences through understanding. He questioned, have you ever shared a meal at your home with people of another color?

It’s not enough to say you have friends of another color, have you shared a meal at your home with people of another color?

Is it enough for leaders to get together and form committees? Does that make people feel better as if they’ve done their part leaving it to others, something written then forgotten, rather than requiring of ourselves serious responsibility in daily personal, religious, and civic responsibilities toward all of our fellow citizens? Screaming at other people that they are racist does not make it so, nor does it confirm for the person screaming off-handed comments with self-righteous behavior that they themselves are not. Stop that word. Have you invited people of another color for a meal at your home? 

Hualupi Trail

As we walk along this trail perhaps it is a good time for Americans each to take responsibility for their own part even in their own small way. Big differences can be made in small beginnings. Perhaps try a new recipe combining together some diverse ingredients with people, letting peace begin with me. Each of us. Have you welcomed a person of another color to your home for dinner? Here is where fellowship, good citizenship, and friendship with understanding begins. Let peace begin with me.

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