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Black Bean Soup

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Black Bean Soup

Black Bean Soup

A giant pot sat simmering on the burner, its contents lending a spicy blend of textures and creaminess, Black Bean Soup. 

It was ‘the best Black Bean Soup he’s ever had’ my youngest brother Steven said on his last visit. Steve was recalling with me a special memory going back over thirty years ago when he and his high school buddies made their somewhere over five mile trek to my first home for a visit. This is what I served them.

Maybe you too have prepared a dish sometime in the past and later on had a family member or friend remember it with fond memory.

Bet you’ll love this tasty Black Bean Soup that inspired good memories too !

As for my youngest brother, Steven, well, with the summer family reunion at the Jersey shore just around the corner, and a written recipe for his favorite Black Bean Soup on hand,  I can hardly wait for his next visit!

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