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Birchrun Hills Veal Flank Steaks stuffed with Oley Valley Mushrooms, Phoenixville Farmers Market

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Veal Flank Steaks stuffed with Mushrooms and Spinach

Birchrun Hills Veal Flank Steaks stuffed with Oley Valley Mushrooms, Phoenixville Farmers Market

The painted façade beneath the bridge hosted a parallel square of lined farmer and artisan vendors selling their fresh goods as the wind howled through the arched opening. Most customers often huddled together bundled up with their only visible distinction being brightly flushed cheeks pulled down between wool hats and scarves.

Vendors still drew crowds among loyal neighbors and the greater community at Phoenixville Farmers Market this past Saturday despite the frigid still quiet, speaking little more than a brief greeting and decided order request.

The hushed silence was broken only by the occasional shrill buzz from the spinning metal machine of the market knife sharpener specialist .



With the exception of firmly grasping around a cardboard cup filled with steaming hot floral tea of the day leather gloves proved not a good choice for the snow warned forecast molding the black fabric tightly into five curves requiring energetic tugging before trembling in the bitterness attempting to separate and pass over the bills of payment then painfully clenching the paper bag of purchased fresh contents within.   



Unlikely was casual perusing among the farmers and artisans that day and any lack of pre-planning required imminent decision making, a baguette, a rustic crusty white bread, a bagged packet of white peach sangria pure blend tea, a paper bag filled with potatoes still covered with bits of earth, fresh stuffed raviolis, some raw milk blue cheese.




The decidedly inspired meal of the evening, Birchrun Hills Farm veal flank steaks later seared and stuffed from a generous bag of mixed Pennsylvania award winning mushrooms from Oley Valley Mushroom Farm, meaty shitakes, soft greyish oysters, nutty, buttery royal trumpets and firm round criminis, seared then mixed with some chopped fresh kale, topped with a veal stock and wine butter sauce.






Alongside a richly flavored Bordeaux and served surrounding warm crackling logs in the fireplace faded the memory of facing the howling wind whipping round the painted façade beneath the Gay Street Bridge on the days visit to the Phoenixville Farmers Market, perhaps it was merely only a severe brisk after all.   


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