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Crispy Little Red Potatoes

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Crispy Little Red Potatoes

Crispy Little Red Potatoes

Few side dishes could be simpler and tastier than crispy little red potatoes. Rusty light reddish colors coating elongated shapes specked with tiny little imperfections of earthiness until once cooked, emerge their brightly shaded exteriors while revealing their tender white creaminess within.



Slight sizzling welcomes the pale interior into the pan arranged like small snugly fit caps while pungent pieces of onion sweeten, almost caramelize a subtly flavoring as the flat creamy interior transforms to a slight crunch of shiny golden brown protecting the delicate softness of the contents beneath.  


Transformed to crispiness, coarsely scattered pieces of freshly scented parsley, the saltiness of the sea salt and cracks of fresh black pepper pungently flavor the finish.


A quiet hush temporarily ensues, like the choir that momentarily stops just before ushering in its crescendo, reaching its heights, finishing its combined chorus: ‘are there any more fried potatoes?’ Crispy Red Fried Potatoes.


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