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Fried Egg, Asparagus, Crimini, Surchoix De Chevre

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Fried Egg, Asparagus, Crimini, Surchoix De Chevre

Fried Egg, Asparagus, Crimini, Surchoix De Chevre

The sign said spring chicks available for order at four dollars and seventy five cents each.

With the first delivery of April 1st already filled, an indicator that a number of folks have now graduated towards the concept of fresh home pastured eggs in the raising of backyard chickens.

Not residing in a community where such adventure would be permitted, contentment still inspires awe in the newness of the season upon us, the time of new birth and renewal.


Despite continued cold, an area nursery center displayed limited vegetables readying for digging up the raised beds and preparing the soil among varied selections as red and green cabbages, leafy green kale along with an interesting variety of a more delicate, shapely cousin with pink tinged trim.

There were Swiss chard and mustard greens and inside the sliding doors requiring a good yank to get in and out was the warm interior nursery who’s long wooden planks set small containers of fresh herbs spreading tiny stems with sprouting shades and shapes showcasing another peek among the broader garden varieties shortly ahead.


Not yet entirely motivated for setting down a worn metal shovel digging defrosting soil, setting a solid plan for maximizing the seasons supply ahead though is on the agenda. With a twenty percent sale at the local Primex garden center the only regret was not picking up one of those cute garden plan books where one can map out in full detail the ins and outs of an efficient and abundant selection of choice foods that will set between the cuts of washed out railroad ties in a precisely designed rectangular arrangement.  


Renewal shows its face at every market in square silver tins lined with water that host bunched green tipped stalks of the slender crisp variety barely requiring a mere stingy snap from any vague toughness at the base.

Roasted with a bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper in short order yields full flavor along with its brightly retained color.

Scuffed, dirt specked brown crimini mushrooms continue to flourish and combine flavors and textures harmoniously arranged in combination with the finished spring pencil shaped asparagus, further enhanced at center, bright white, golden yellow centered juices of a fried egg.


Stirred and scattered emerge fresher scents and more pronounced flavors including generous market bunches of herbs, large shaped leaves of Italian parsley and elegantly lengthy sprigs lined with budded thyme.  


Inspired too with a newly found cheese, Surchoix De Chevre, a creamy, pale, hard goat cheese imparting a mellow, flavorful tang finishing off the Plat du Jour, Fried Egg, Asparagus Crimini Surchoix De Chevre.

Imported from Switzerland, this unique find recently identified among the huge domestic and imported selections at Wegmans turned into a great new favorite sliced then broken into small coarse size pieces which tuck and snuggle well between those renewed flavors bursting forth highlighting the new season, this year, particularly, and especially welcomed and appreciated, the breath of spring.  

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