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Asian Style Grilled Tuna and Noodles

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Asian Style Grilled Tuna with Noodles

Asian Style Grilled Tuna and Noodles

Over the years I’ve shared, or even introduced friends to lots of cultural style foods, including a bit of Asian fusion, like today’s Asian Style Grilled Tuna and Noodles dish.

On occasion when it comes to recipe inquiries and upon hearing the ingredient list the sighs begin, followed by various versions on how it’s too much work to prepare.

The thing is some cuisines, including those Asian style, do involve separately prepping at least a few types of vegetables each offering not only their own diverse range of health benefits, but adding a colorful palate to the arrangement.

This being noted, as you get to know a little about the variety of condiments or spices commonly used within a cuisine, you will observe that those same collection of ingredients are used again and again, even in producing various flavor combinations.

For many Asian style dishes some ingredients may already even be part of your pantry such as the sweet component using sugar, brown sugar or honey or other flavoring agents as mustard, orange juice or hot sauce.

With Asian style grilled tuna, a marinade is prepared for the tuna, and then similar ingredients are simply brought together in a different way for the noodles with both parts of the dish including garlic, ginger, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, sesame oil.

Combining these ingredients is an easy mix. It really is that simple, giving us a theme for the day, ‘Don’t sigh, give it a try.’ Hope you like my little rhyme, and that you too will find that it really doesn’t take so much time.

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