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Stacked High Apple Pie

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Stacked High Apple Pie

Stacked High Apple Pie

I can’t say that this Stacked High Apple Pie is a replica to coincide with the verse ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’, but then it just might count, at least a smidgen, given the dense volume of thick sliced fruit contained within.


Oh, but how I admit to being a greedy little thing when it comes to apple pie, always have been.

Pushing it to the maximum possible limit on just how many apples I can stuff into that old, dented pie tin lined with crust, or I should say, almost two crusts.

Yes, I even make two pie crust recipes for this pie, using about a half of the other. Green, red, crisp, tart, juicy, sweet, I stack em in and stack em high until the big ole mound resembles something like the bulge of a stuffed turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Now this is my idea of a good old fashioned apple pie.


Sweet and buttery, this crust is not one that produces the pliability of perfection, even upon careful attention with your best rolling pin. It cooperates just nicely enough to amply cover your tin circumference and then, tiny pieces of remnant dough may be torn off and stuck with your thumb filling any tiny crack or opening, guaranteeing complete collection of all the sweet juices from the sugared apples contained within.


And yes, yes, I know, preparing two pie crusts for one pie may seem a bit excessive, and one pie crust will indeed cover this pie, I’ve done it many times. It’s just that the two provide more freedom and, just plain fun for stacking, covering, o.k,  playing with the dough like a child, finished by shaping as many of those little leaves as you care to before carefully cutting in the centers with tiny little lines like thin veins streaming to the dark green stems of the bright colored leaves in the fall.


On the other hand, any remaining pie dough may be frozen and used on another occasion, or, like me, you can even let the children or grandchildren get into the fun creating a smaller pie of their own, wrapped all around its filling, apples; green, red, crisp, tart, juicy, sweet, still bulging like a stuffed turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

Topped with shaped out versions of leaves, thin lines drawn about like the veins leading to the dark green stems of bright colored leaves in the fall, stack em in, and stack em high and there you have it, the Stacked High Apple Pie. 

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