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Cajun Style Spicy Orange Chicken, Zucchini, Summer Squash, Red Pepper, Corn

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Cajun Style Spicy Orange Chicken, Corn, Peppers, Squash

If you happen into a restaurant about an hour before dinner service begins you may often be greeted by the whole establishment crowd together sharing staff dinner. Besides feeding a hungry group, staff dinner is sometimes the opportunity for restaurant management to review certain dishes or specials of the evening as well as any specialty cocktails or desserts later shared with the customer.  


Staff dinners, share at least one meal commonality of years past observed on a recent visit to meet with a chef who was with the tines of a silver fork rapidly rolling up those pale, slippery, al dente strings guided by that of a large indented spoon upon my arrival, hence conceded that sauced pasta served in large family style bowls still remains one among those simple dishes still served up to the pre dinner service crowd.  

IMG_4075 IMG_4060

Sometimes the preparation of these staff meals have a rotating responsibility among those at the back of the house, and provided the prep and other details critical to the evening have not begun in some sort of drama or catastrophic proportion, then creating the days meal might lend a bit of discreet competition between the chefs creating more imaginative dishes using a bit of this and that along with other essential food items not part of the restaurant’s menu.


Today’s Cajun Style Spicy Orange Chicken, Zucchini, Summer Squash, Red Pepper, Corn was a common staff meal at the Apropos restaurant in Philadelphia in the eighties. I’ve used chicken breast for the adaptation but you can easily use thighs and legs whatever  you fancy.




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