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Grilled Chicken Pinwheels, kale, cream cheese, sundried tomatoes

Grilled Chicken Pinwheels, kale, cream cheese, sundried tomatoes

Looking for something tasty and elegant, yet easy and quick enough to prepare in under one hour? If so, Grilled Chicken Pinwheels may be the perfect pick for you.

Whether a week day dinner, a simple luncheon, or even a large barbecue among friends, Grilled Chicken Pinwheels offer versatility for most any occasion. Enabling lots of flexibility in diverse combinations, fillings may easily be varied based on what is seasonal, or even what you have on hand in the pantry. Today’s dish, Grilled Chicken Pinwheels, kale, cream cheese, sun-dried tomatoes uses Philadelphia Cream Cheese chive and onion spread with fresh cooked kale from my garden, simply adding sun-dried tomatoes already in my pantry. Even plain Philadelphia Cream Cheese will work and all combined, well, who doesn’t love a little creamy filling?

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A few years back I prepared Chicken Pinwheels down at the Jersey shore during our family reunion celebrating my sister Carolyn’s 50th birthday, in that recipe, again using sun-dried tomatoes, but varied in the kalamata olives, feta cheese, and fresh basil. Once grilled, or cooked in the oven, chicken pinwheels hold up well so extras may easily be reheated, serving ideally any time of day, and in that case, including a revolving door of guests coming and going and folks grabbing bites to eat between the beach or just nibbling a late night snack. 

Today’s recipe was also one of four quick and easy preparations shared by Spiced Peach Blog as part of the July ‘Chef of the Month’ series for the Weston Fitness Training Club in Philadelphia, whose owner, Sandy Joy Weston weekly shares quick and healthy recipes in her Positive Stuff You Need to Know Blog for the clubs fitness trainees. They went over fabulously, according to Lexie, personal assistant to Weston, who eagerly prepared them and shared a positive review by email shortly following.  Thanks to Weston Fitness, and Nancy Lowell of Chef’s Last Diet for recommending Spiced Peach Blog for this fun project. Elegant, quick, and easy, Grilled Chicken Pinwheels, kale, cream cheese, sun-dried tomatoes. Bon Appetit All!


Grilled Chicken Pinwheels, kale, cream cheese, sundried tomatoes
serves 2-4
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Cook Time
45 min
Cook Time
45 min
  1. 3 chicken breasts sliced in half lengthwise, pounded between 2 sheets plastic wrap (thin enough to roll)
  2. 5 large pieces Tuscan kale, ribs removed, cut into very thin strips then cut in half, plus a few more pieces also cut into very thin strips to serve raw dressed alongside pinwheels with sundried tomato, if desired
  3. 1/3 cup Philadelphia cream cheese spread, chive and onion
  4. 3-4 sundried tomatoes, sliced then chopped into small pieces, plus 1 extra for garnish on dressed kale
  1. Drop kale strips into a few cups of boiling water with a couple pinches salt, cook two minutes, set another two minutes then drain into a small colander, let cool a few minutes while drying a bit. Add the sundried tomatoes and the Philadelphia cream cheese spread into a glass mixing bowl, stir in the warm cooked kale incorporating throughout. Preheat grill. One slice of breast at a time, place around a tablespoon and a half of the mixture onto the bottom end of the chicken, roll up breast and set onto a platter or baking sheet proceeding until all of the breasts have been filled and rolled. Place stuffed chicken onto a well-greased grill tray set on top of grill grates, cook for three minutes each side before turning, then grilling around two minutes on the alternative sides of chicken rolls until chicken is cooked through. Let chicken set for at least five minutes before carefully slicing pinwheels using a serrated knife. Plate slices, serve alongside raw dressed kale with a few bits of sundried tomatoes, if desired.
  1. Tip: Pinwheels may be prepared in the oven, bake at 350 degrees for around twenty minutes or longer until chicken is cooked through. Baked chicken pinwheels may be sprinkled with a bit of paprika or cracked black pepper for extra color.
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  • Hi, I'm Peggy. Welcome to our Shared Table at Spiced Peach Blog!
    Subscribe here for my fresh, seasonal recipes with an international twist.