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Wow, it has been a whirlwind couple of weeks with Spiced Peach Blog along the spice road of food and friendship and there are many Post Features lined up for you, some listed below. I hope all is going well and that you too are enjoying the longer days of light while eagerly anticipating the colorful days of spring shortly ahead. As we move towards the first anniversary of Spiced Peach Blog, we are also beginning the next step in regularly providing a variety of Feature Stories. Some of these include; Chef Spotlight, featuring a Chef or Restaurateur, Cultural Home Cooking sharing techniques and recipes from among a variety of different cultures, and Artisans and Farms sharing stories from specialty foods to crops and those who grow them. We also plan to share more Cookbooks and Authors with you, along with a variety of food related stories and events. With few exceptions, you can still look forward to a shared recipe at the end of each Post, and of course, I will continue sharing stories and recipes with you too, including our seasonal Sports Team Family Tailgates. If you have any recommendations, events to share, or perhaps you would like to be a part of the Shared Table by sharing a story and recipe from your own cultural background, I would love to hear from you, Peggy@spicedpeachblog.com

(Chef Jim Coleman, Liberte, Sofitel Philadelphia creates African Inspired Senegales L’Assiette Des Assiettes Wraps- Halibut, Black Eyed Peas, Hearts of Palms and Micro Greens in Rice Paper Wraps)

Thank you to all of you for your continued support and encouragement on Spiced Peach Blog. For those of you who know me you know I am always thinking about and working on the Blog. I do need to ask your patience in this transition time as the Feature Stories unfold.  I am working to enable you the best stories on a regular basis and getting down the timely coordination between the travel/interview and alternatively, food preparation/photography/recipe writing all combined requiring a little tweaking. To add in a little extra fun on this adventure I will soon also get to share some new experiences along the kitchen redecorating lines, oh yes, the famed kitchen re-do. I will temporarily be pulling in my late Grams old Convection Oven from the garage that has actually been a real effective cooking tool at the Team Family Tailgate over the past few years. It should be fun and beginning next week we will resume our two to three time weekly Postings.

(Coleman’s Small Bites at the Opening Reception also included Nigerian Pancakes with Smoked Shrimp- White Bean Pancakes Topped with Marinated Smoked Shrimp)

(Cameroon Beef Curry En Brochette- Curry Beef Tenderloin with Pineapple and Coconut)

And now, on to some of the Posts upcoming on Spiced Peach Blog:

Caitlin Petit, Sports Nutritionist at Summit Sports Training Center in Villanova, PA Shares Healthy Sports Eating  Tips for the upcoming Spring Tailgating Season, along with a couple of healthy recipes yummy enough that players and families alike would never guess.

Also, in the Team Family Tailgate Season, we’ll share Coach Jim Sposato’s Baked Beans from his special Q-Tips and Playbook written as a longtime BBQ Champion, and creator of Coach Sposato’s Bar-B-Q Sauce.

We’ll join Conshohocken Italian Bakery sharing the traditional Blessing of the Foods: Zeppola and Fava Beans in celebration of the  Feast of St. Joseph. The Conshohocken Italian Bakery also celebrating their 40th anniversary has provided a recipe so you too can prepare this treat at home.

Sofitel Philadelphia, Liberte Lounge hosted its Opening Reception “Taming of the Stripes” with Chef Jim Coleman creating an African Menu available until late March in collaboration of the Norma Bessieres featured art exhibit with the Zebra at Center Stage. Small bites and interesting cocktails worth sharing.

What is ‘Sea Buckthorn’? Chef Chip Roman highlights these fruit berries in a four course meal at BLACKFISH Restaurant in Conshohocken. I’ll fill you in on this ingredient and how it is used.

Flossie Albert prepares for the upcoming Passover Seder Dinner following Jewish traditions as her guide, our featured recipe will be homemade Gefilte Fish.

We’ll also have recipes for your Easter Sunday Dinner with Family and Friends


Finally, thanks to Candice, Sofitel Philadelphia Photographer for the evening event who graciously provided me some great photo tips on taking shots in dark, softly lit ambiance. I promised her a shout out for her kindness! Thanks Candice. Go here to see more of her work.



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  1. Posted March 18, 2013 at 3:13 pm | Permalink

    they look great! 🙂 pleasure to meet you

    • Posted March 18, 2013 at 9:52 pm | Permalink

      Thank you Candice, and for your exceptional tips on this evening. Hope to see you again!

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  • Hi, I'm Peggy. Welcome to our Shared Table at Spiced Peach Blog!
    Subscribe here for my fresh, seasonal recipes with an international twist.