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Tailgate Tuesday Tips

Hey Sports Fans. Are your ready for some Tailgating? It’s fall sports game time. All around you lots of news articles may abound the suggestion of grilling one final time during Labor Day weekend. But not you, in fact, you’re just getting started for the months ahead, revving up those grills and smokers, loading up […]

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Fresh Herbs Shell Salad

Every now and again, I see articles on a ‘Must Haves List’ for keeping a well-stocked Pantry and am always curious to see what others consider among their essentials. As far as fresh ingredients, to me, having a variety of fresh herbs on hand offers a flexibility that not only enhances flavors among any number […]

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One-Third Cup Sliders for Tailgating

Early on in the Tailgate season Mark, one of our resident Team Chef Dad’s prepared a version of Bobby Flay Sliders topping the burgers with a specialty cheese and a southwest style sauce, they were a huge hit with the day’s crowd. 

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Orange Black Eyed Pea Salad, Good Luck Style. Go Team.

I am wondering if it is correct to call a dish Orange Black Eyed Pea Salad. I have not turned the black-eyed peas orange after all, but I have, however, given them a fresh orange taste with lots of chopped orange rind and the juice of fresh oranges mixed with grape seed oil. Two things […]

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Bulgur Salad

Some folks say that during the warmer weather months their mind wanders and they tend drifting toward laziness, but for me, the wander begins early fall. To begin with, the first early mornings of chill make me want to roll myself into a tight ball under the covers and drift right back to sleep another […]

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Tortellini and Tomatoes Salad

Tortellini and Tomatoes

A delicious recipe for Tortellini’s mixed with a tomato garlic mixture. Versatile dish from a holiday buffet to the Tailgate Table.

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Tailgate Pre-Season is Here, Rev-Up On Healthy Tips With Sports Nutritionist, Caitlin Petit

‘Pre-Season’ is just around the corner, college athletes from throughout the country will be reporting to their official team sports fields, high school athletes at local schools too will resume with strenuous daily training, player development, hard work disciplines, even paying close attention to nutrition for optimal performance readying for the fall sports season ahead. […]

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Easy Skinless Chicken Thighs on Skewers

 Easy, Easy, Easy sometimes this is what we all need during the busy workweek whether your life surrounds a career coupled with children’s homework and after school activities, a weekend Tailgate, or a busy college or internship schedule. One easy variation to the standard chicken breast is the boneless chicken thigh now commonly available in […]

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Quick, Easy, Healthy, Pasta Salad for Tailgating

The ongoing Team Family Tailgates on the sports circuit during the spring and fall seasons is at least admirable, if not even noble. For there is a high level of commitment among the families of these sports teams from throughout the country who week after week put themselves out there, pouring their hearts out for […]

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Grilled Paella for a Crowd

When the team arrived in town for the weekend games last week, Grilled Paella was a real Pre-Celebratory Winner served as the Main course at the Team Family Dinner. Preparing Paella outdoors on grills for a crowd provides an engaging experience in a leisurely environment for folks to relax and chat while observing the cooking,  […]

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