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Grilled Portobello Mushrooms on Roll, Roasted Peppers, Vidalia Onion, Smoked Cheddar

It always seems interesting to me, sometimes even worth reflecting upon, how it happens that for completely different purposes we  ‘coincidentally’ or reasons otherwise, keep returning back to places that were somehow special to us in childhood, yet places in adulthood we wouldn’t ever have given much thought to returning.  

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Grilled Meat Loaf, Mushrooms, Spinach, Cheese, on Sourdough

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Tarragon Chicken Salad and Bacon on Crusty Sourdough

Thinking about the simpler foods of spring? Chicken salad is just one of those menu items that seems like spring to me and maybe it does to you too. Signs of spring also have me looking forward to shortly snipping fresh herbs growing in assorted planters on my deck, like fresh tarragon, and among its […]

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Roasted Turkey, Red Peppers, Tapenade Mayo on a Crusty Roll

A small sandwich shop sat adjoined to the large whitewashed resort whose locale hosted a beach, a greyish combined mixture of pebbles intertwined with a softer sand that faced onto the sun sparkled rippled water calmed by a barrier of coral reefs.

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Tuna Melt

Good simplicity. Easy and quick to prepare, Tuna Melts provide a nice little dinner, especially on any busy days transcending into evening activities from sports practice to a board meeting.

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This is the Best Grilled Cheese I’ve Ever Had

  Anyone ever say to you while eating your grilled cheese sandwich ‘this is the best grilled cheese I’ve ever had?’  Yes, well strangely this frequently happens whenever I make this impromptu sandwich. Just last week, my youngest daughter Alex’s longtime friend, Allison, was out at the house working on some food shots. Allison Zaucha […]

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Leftover Grilled Steak with Melted Butter and Toast

Do you have any favorite vacation meals from your childhood? On the edge of my seat, my hand is wildly shooting back and forth in the air right now, I do. I do.

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Avocado and Alfalfa Sprouts on Seven Grain Bread

It was in Arizona, sometime in the late seventies and the popularized food frenzy was all about ‘health food’. Spooned up in tablespoons daily was unfiltered apple cider vinegar chased with a shot of pure clover honey. Grape Nuts cereal lined bowls with small amounts of cold milk, and a broader range of vegetables nearby […]

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Broccoli Rabe and Swiss

 Have you ever been so busy that all of the sudden you realize you have not had time to eat and you are famished, you open the refrigerator and just put something together leftover from the day before, and then wow, it turns out you like it so much you begin craving to have it […]

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Grilled Comte, Ham, and Spinach on Multi-Grain

If you ask my daughters how frequently I serve sandwiches for dinner the answer might be perhaps something like um… never. This is true, I do not serve sandwiches for dinner and I am not sure why. With so many, healthy and flavorful multi-grain breads easily at access in any local market there really is […]

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