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Grilled Chicken Pinwheels, kale, cream cheese, sundried tomatoes

Looking for something tasty and elegant, yet easy and quick enough to prepare in under one hour? If so, Grilled Chicken Pinwheels may be the perfect pick for you.

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Herb Grilled Capon, Blueberry Salsa

Sitting at the computer one evening some weeks back, just catching up on news and posts, a certain title story caught my eye, something like ‘Let’s just stop already it on the grill stuff for Dad’s on Father’s Day.’ So I read it out loud, enough for those on the first floor to hear.

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Pistachio and Parmesan Tenderloins

Recipe for delicious Pistachio and Parmesan Tenderloins

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Asian Chicken Salad in Lettuce Cups

Oh how I meant this Post on Asian Chicken Salad in Lettuce Cups to be more instructional, perhaps with an interesting recipe story, but the weekend was the college graduation of my youngest daughter, Alex the Athlete, with the final athletic banquet happening early- on last week. Yes, two trips to DC in one week, […]

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Cajun Style Spicy Orange Chicken, Zucchini, Summer Squash, Red Pepper, Corn

Cajun Style Spicy Orange Chicken Zucchini Summer Squash and Red Pepper

If you happen into a restaurant about an hour before dinner service begins you may often be greeted by the whole establishment crowd together sharing staff dinner. Besides feeding a hungry group, staff dinner is sometimes the opportunity for restaurant management to review certain dishes or specials of the evening as well as any specialty […]

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Cafe Excellence Sumatra Coffee Turkey Chili

Lively tastes with exciting spiced flavor combinations is the trend of today, and using coffee and chocolate in the preparation of Chili may be considered among these. Many ethnic dishes of ages past now emerge appearing as something new, merely by introduction, and a public with a greater willingness to experience something unknown and possibly […]

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Individual Chicken, Fennel, Mushroom Pot Pies, Puff Pastry

It has been many years recollecting a winter as harsh as this along the East Coast. Well beyond the busied frenzy of supermarkets packed with long lines of customers rolling large metal carts overstuffed with enough food to last a month for a one- day two inch snow storm, the constant state of mounding white […]

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Indian Inspired Chicken, Cauliflower, and Chick Peas

Aromatic spices create shaded depths of golden colors bursting forth complexities of diverse flavors, hot and cool, pungent, tangy and sweet each combining harmoniously into one Indian inspired dish.

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Five Simmering Chickens, Five Easy Soups

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Easy Chinese Chicken Dumplings

Few things compare to the comfort of fresh Chinese dumplings just out of the steamer, soft, ever so slight stickiness, and translucence revealing the slightest bit of color tempting juicy bites of fresh flavorful combinations first dipped into a soy and tangy rice vinegar sauce.  

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  • Hi, I'm Peggy. Welcome to our Shared Table at Spiced Peach Blog!
    Subscribe here for my fresh, seasonal recipes with an international twist.