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Large Shells Mac and Cheese, ‘no-waste’ cheddar

Sifting through the hard, clear, plastic organizer in the refrigerator whose bin displays a white sticker labeled ‘CHEESE,’ there sat an assortment of parchment wrapped remnants from the holidays, in particular, lots of leftover cheddar.  

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Pasta Bolognese Style

Throughout its history, Philadelphia has always been a place of neighborhoods, those most frequently identified by nationalities. Early immigrants from individual countries arrived, Irish, Germans, Welsh, Polish, and on, then together settled into sections of the many row homes that line along the city streets. It’s even so today as new immigrants arrive, Koreans, Vietnamese, […]

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Asian Style Grilled Tuna and Noodles

Over the years I’ve shared, or even introduced friends to lots of cultural style foods, including a bit of Asian fusion, like today’s Asian Style Grilled Tuna and Noodles dish. On occasion though, when it comes to recipe inquiries, upon hearing the ingredient list the sighs begin, followed by various versions on how it’s too […]

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Tailgate Tuesday: Freekeh Salad, dried fruit, pine nuts, za’atar

Smoky scents of grills waft in the distance, greetings and hugs intermingle between busy participants readying long tables lined with selections of old favorites, varying combinations of classics for filling the crowds, and then, some foods with newer twists whose play will determine their own score by the crowds taste testers, its Tailgate time. 

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Green Speckled Thin Spaghetti

So far, it’s been a rather blustery day, not unlike those we see in April. We all know that April showers bring May flowers, and so this gives us uplifting hope.

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Lasagna, and avoiding kitchen mishaps

A few months ago assorted food bloggers were sharing posts on kitchen mishaps, some were really funny, some hilarious, but each provided a sure laugh to lighten the day. It got me to thinking, except that, well, first off, I’m just plain not that funny, and second, I don’t have any really great kitchen mishap […]

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Wine Poached Salmon, Peas, Bow Tie Pasta in White Sauce

As older homes go, their kitchens sometimes seem awkwardly designed. My family lived in one of these  type homes in Philadelphia for a few years when I began high school.

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Cooking with Kids, Homemade Pasta

Can you guess a child made this fresh homemade pasta?

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“Living Coastal” Mac and Cheese with Tuna Lollipops

 Are your thoughts on Living Coastal these days? Oh yes, come on now, you know you are.  I suspect even in the chill, perhaps because of it, many vacation home owners, and those rental enthusiasts, up and down the eastern to southern shores from New York, New Jersey, Delaware, through to Maryland and Virginia are […]

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Penne Pasta and Broccoli Bagna Cauda

Beneath the yogurt selection now dwindling on the glass pull- out shelf boldly informing their great probiotic benefits, peeks out the trendy humidified produce drawer busily performing its task keeping fresh the weeks remaining two tightly firm heads of broccoli. A beeping sound persists, the irritating reminder to shut the door for staring in the […]

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