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Japchae, ‘Potato Starch Noodles Stir-Fried with Vegetables,’ a Korean Cuisine Journey at Drexel University

Japchae Korean Potato Starch Noodles Stir-fried with Vegetables recipe, a Korean Cuisine Journey at Drexel University, Japchae popular noodle dish in Korean Cuisine

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Two Korean Tofu Dishes, Dubu-buchim, Chives & Dububuchim- yangnyeomjang

Pressed for time, having been away over the weekend, I was rapidly removing some of the final ingredients from the rickety metal cart and tossing them onto the moving belt up to the register at the Korean Market when she called. What? Already at my house? But we said 10:30, it was merely ten till […]

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Happy Hanukkah 2014, blessings shared with yet another generation

The thin piece of plywood sat adjoined to the front door in its final stages of the new home’s building. We managed our introductions while balancing a slight bounce on the flexible sheet beneath us. In just weeks, new homes finished, we were to be neighbors. She was a news reporter for the Philadelphia ABC […]

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Spring Rolls with Sooky

  Every now and again when there is a free day at hand my eldest daughter, Sooky the Stylist, announces we’re going to make Spring Rolls. The announcement always means we are not only going to make Spring Rolls, but we are going to prepare trays and trays of a couple type of dumplings too, […]

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Top Philadelphia 2014 Lunar New Year Dishes for the Super Bowl

Given the recent crisis on a predicted Velveeta shortage along with an overall uncertainty choosing from any among the top five, no six, no eight, ‘best of’ ‘most of’ recipes barraged from appetizers to the broad spread buffet for Super Bowl Sunday, it happened as good fortune that the Lunar New Year festivities were coinciding […]

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Topokki Sauce for Korean Dukboki, a Quick and Easy Way to Try Something New

Korean food is a cuisine that has its own dishes and flavors, many unique to any other among cultural foods. Over the years Bulgogi, beef, marinated and grilled, and Kim Chee, the spicy pickled cabbage, are examples of two dishes that have furthered into the mainstream as well as have gained some fans into the […]

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“Delicious El Salvador” Cheese Pupusas with author, Alicia Maher

Among the many of great traditions in this country is the preservation of cuisines from among the broad variety of cultures and nationalities that we compose. Some foods among more recent populations provide an authentic origination to recipes from native homelands such as the Pupusa, the national dish of El Salvador. The Pupusa recipe shared […]

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Cuban Sofrito with Garbanzo Beans on Rice

Sofrito is the common base for dishes among many Latino, Spanish style cuisines as Cuban, Puerto Rican, and including throughout the Caribbean. What differs among the cultural varieties of Sofrito may be the combination of varied herbs and spices used, but significant in its commonality is that Sofrito Base once prepared, can then be combined […]

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Guacamole and Corn Tortilla Chips, Cinco de Mayo Party Starter

In its history, Cinco de Mayo celebrates the unlikely victory of Mexico in a battle against the French infusing great pride and inspiration among the Mexican people. Today, Cinco de Mayo acknowledged and celebrated by many throughout the United States in a symbolic sort of way also celebrates the spirit of the Mexican people and […]

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Passover Seder with the Albert Family

The table is set with love and treasures of four generations. Gathering her family, deeply inspiring the roots of Jewish tradition is Flossie Albert, joined with her family, the Albert’s. The Passover Seder is rich in symbolism, following the Family Haggadah, re-calling the story of the Exodus and the command by God ‘that you shall […]

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