The Soupmaker’s Kitchen, Mexican Sopa de Tortilla


From beginners to novice, The Soupmaker’s Kitchen cookbook by Aliza Green is the perfect manual to assist you in making just about any category of soup. Have you ever wondered how you might use some of those leftover vegetable scraps? How to prepare a stock? Or would you just like a simple, straightforward recipe on crafting the Perfect Pot of Soup? If you fit into any of these categories,“The Soupmaker’s Kitchen” is surely among the perfect of cookbooks for preparing excellent soups throughout the year.

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Grilled Portobello Mushrooms on Roll, Roasted Peppers, Vidalia Onion, Smoked Cheddar


It always seems interesting to me, sometimes even worth reflecting upon, how it happens that for completely different purposes we  ‘coincidentally’ or reasons otherwise, keep returning back to places that were somehow special to us in childhood, yet places in adulthood we wouldn’t ever have given much thought to returning.  

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Baked Rhubarb on Fried Polenta Rounds


Rhubarb. Do people either love it or hate it? Have most people even tried it? Among those who have tried rhubarb, has it only been in pie combined with strawberries? As spring emerges each year, let’s face it, there are hardly masses of folks expressing their excitement for the appearance of rhubarb at the local market. I don’t see a big glut of creative preparations for rhubarb, or chefs using it in a diverse variety of ways. Some recent years, I’ve had to search out the spring rhubarb as it no longer seems as readily available.

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Meet Chef Lynn Lampe Lindquist, ‘Cook on Call’


Long hours at the office making it hard for you to get a good meal on the table during the week? Stressed out because it’s your turn to host the dinner party and you absolutely have no time to plan a menu or shop, let alone prepare for what feels like an impossible task?

Meet Chef Lynn Lampe Lindquist, ‘Cook on Call.’

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Happy Cinco de Mayo, Everything Taco!


It’s May 5th, Happy Cinco de Mayo, the celebration recognizing the Mexican victory of the Puebla over France. Few will inquire why we are actually celebrating such a holiday, but otherwise it gives us each the opportunity to have a little bit of Mexican in us for even one day, while being part of a celebration sharing some of the festive foods and drink inspired through this colorful and vibrant culture.

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Celeriac and Spinach Soup


There are some statements or old sayings that remain unchanged in their meaning throughout time, how about ‘when it rains, it pours,’ or ‘everything always happens at once?’ It also seems that certain times of the year tend to evoke these familiar expressions, one such season, well, how about spring?

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April Cottage Cooking Club, Upside-down onion tart


Welcome to our April gathering of the Cottage Cooking Club where we monthly gather to share recipes from the cookbook “River Cottage veg everyday!” the vegetable centric cookbook written by British author and television cooking celebrity, Hugh Fearnley- Whittingstall .

Early on in the month, our fearless leader, and talented blogger/photographer, Andrea, of The Kitchen Lioness, notes from a very small German Kitchen, provides a seasonal list of recipe choices from among the books collection. The Cottage Cooking Club, members choose what they plan to prepare before again gathering together late in the month, sharing personal experiences and thoughts on each of the dishes among those recipes they have tried.


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Grilled Meat Loaf, Mushrooms, Spinach, Cheese, on Sourdough


 There’s lots of vroom vrooming going on in my neighborhood today marking the first appearance of the development- wide landscapers who have resumed weekly mowing and trimming of yards for the season. This is cause for some optimism, though my earlier overly enthusiastic notions from last weekends heatwave caused me to ignore this year’s frost date warning, and hence early this morning required tugging out from deck containers some those varieties of basil, patio tomato, and the grape plant, Pixie, temporarily now stationed in a bright corner of the sun room.

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Spring Salad, Mustard Vinaigrette


Today I was out at Sooky’s salon, Noel Sy, everyone seemed abuzz with appreciation in the renewed spring weather. There was plenty to chat about with one of the owners, Michél, our conversation surrounding the theme of food and gardening, mostly herbs and vegetables. On my end, being a little more than enthused to share that Saturday past, I had spent the whole day planting the edible containers on my deck, from lettuces, hot peppers, strawberries, all sorts of herb varieties, and this year to include, a new patio grape plant, Pixie.

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2015 Philly Farm and Food Fest, the spirit of the entrepreneur


On the wrap up, the 2015 Philly Farm and Food Fest proved another fantastic event. This year, outside of course, taking in the many excellent products to purchase or share in the upcoming year, I also couldn’t help but reflect back on the day itself with some bigger picture thoughts, such as the location in Philadelphia. Well not only the city itself, but thinking back on its history, a time of early roots, Benjamin Franklin, the beginnings of a developing commerce, trades, artisans, farms, foods, specialties, wares carried and delivered by horse drawn carts along cobblestone streets. It was a time of invention, or for those newly arriving from other shores, even a time of reinvention. Local citizens did business, getting to know each other in common gathering places, even such as town halls.

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