Old Fashioned Peach Dumpling, Last Day of Summer


It’s official. Today is the last day of summer 2016. With some nice ripe peaches still remaining I thought it would be fun to savor among the final treasures of the season and prepare an Old Fashioned Peach Dumpling.

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”Olympia Provisions” American Charcuterie Quality Meats Since 2009 Portland, Oregon 97214, & Country Pate


Pates, assorted slowly cooked meats later prepared into tasty rillettes, selections of dry cured meat varieties, pancetta, salamis, sausages, chorizo, to long time smokehouse favorites like bratwurst and hot dogs, the list goes on in the How-To/Recipe Memoir book: “Olympia Provisions, American Charcuterie Quality Meats Since 2009 Portland, Oregon 97214.”

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Portabella Mushroom Sandwich, Roasted Garlic & Red Pepper, Provolone, Baby Greens


I’ve always loved taking photos, even besides food, if it captures people, places or special memories to look fondly upon, and so long as it doesn’t take away from the meaningful fun of the moment.

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Galbi, Grilled Korean Short Ribs


Oh how time flies, don’t we all say it? This past couple of weeks have been busily engaged between Back to School for my grandson, the J-Dude, and then, after the morning bus stop drop-off  helping Mom move into a new place now only twenty minutes away and just around the corner from Aunt Betty. Looking back, in less than a couple months it will have been a full year since walking into the professionally set-up kitchens of the Hospitality Division at Drexel University, joining Chef John Boswell and the other students for the semester long course on Korean Food, a culinary program overseen through the Ministry of Korean Culture of South Korea.

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Cooking with Kids, Fresh Caught Grilled Trout, Mushroom Wine Sauce


Proving this is no ‘fish tale’ the J-Dude, reeled in one heck of a good sized trout up at the Poconos last weekend. I’m thinking his abilities might be hereditary from Mom, Sooky, who since a little girl could catch a fish merely putting the hook into the water, masterfully maneuvering the might of any struggle and pulling it right on up into the net waiting off the side of the boat. 


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Use up the Nectarines and Blueberries Open- Face Tart


There are desserts, and then there are any day desserts, these really don’t require a recipe, you can quickly and easily put them together with simply what you have on hand, like Use up the Nectarines and Blueberries Open-Face Tart.

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Mini Escabeche Cups


Looking for a fun party food that might be a real hit with your crowd? Mini Escabeche Cups might just fit the bill.

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Watermelon, Mint, Marinated Feta


It’s International Ladies Group annual Barbecue time, and over the past twenty-two-twenty- three years what makes it special from our other events over the course of a year, is being one of the few functions where the husbands are invited. This year I hosted.

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Baby Red Baked Potato and Kale Soup with Bacon


What to do when you’ve a basket of baby red potatoes waiting to be used up?

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Grilled Swordfish, Red Quinoa, Green Tomato, Peppers, Black Bean Salsa


Smoky flavors infuse this tender, yet slightly firm, thick white steak lined with deep black rimmed skin.   

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