Green Peppercorn Steak, Herb Butter Sauce



Grabbing the glass jar in the corner of the garage frig while talking on the phone, I then proceeded to sprinkle the little green balls into the mini food processor. Totally paying more attention to the caller than the process of which I had been involved, I wizzed up the capers taking in that wafting sort of briny scent. Dipping my finger for a taste, caused me closer inspection. Had I just done that? Having grabbed the wrong jar, they weren’t capers at all, they were green peppercorns, Yikes.

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September Cottage Cooking Club & the Papal Visit in Philadelphia


Welcome to our September edition of Cooking Along with the Cottage Cooking Club where monthly our group of food and travel bloggers from throughout the world gather together to share prepared recipes from the cookbook “River Cottage veg everyday!” written by British cookbook author and television personality, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

Each month our talented and fearless leader, Andrea, of “The Kitchen Lioness, notes from a very small German Kitchen,” provides a list of recipes from within the books pages and members then each commit their choices from among these designated categories of vegetable dishes. The process engages a collective opportunity in the ongoing preparation among the seasonal bounty of fresh vegetables in many diverse ways.

As we work our way through the book, we have the opportunity for nourishment, not only in the meals that we prepare, but in the friendship of the community that we continue to build, and in the welcome of those who would also like to join us at our collective shared table. 


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Tailgate Tuesday: Freekeh Salad, dried fruit, pine nuts, za’atar


Smoky scents of grills waft in the distance, greetings and hugs intermingle between busy participants readying long tables lined with selections of old favorites, varying combinations of classics for filling the crowds, and then, some foods with newer twists whose play will determine their own score by the crowds taste testers, its Tailgate time. 

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Rainbow Chard Rib Gratin


Planting vegetables in the backyard garden sometimes seems similar to setting up a new recipe, you decide on your ingredients, then later on, change it up a bit, a little extra of this, a little extra of that, or perhaps, even a little less. Which then brings me to Rainbow Chard, and that in next year’s garden, the change-up will involve planting just a little bit less, meaning one row of four leafy greens rather than eight.

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Glazed Rainbow Trout with Bacon


 When it comes to food, sometimes elegance presents in simplicity. A perfect select of ripe fruit, fresh picked vegetables mounded on a tray surrounding a dipping sauce, or a lovely piece of fresh fish set atop a seasonal sauté, easily prepared and served within a mere half hour. These are some pleasures that may be enjoyed in the daily meal with relatively little fuss.

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Two Korean Tofu Dishes, Dubu-buchim, Chives & Dububuchim- yangnyeomjang


Pressed for time, having been away over the weekend, I was rapidly removing some of the final ingredients from the rickety metal cart and tossing them onto the moving belt up to the register at the Korean Market when she called. What? Already at my house? But we said 10:30, it was merely ten till ten. O.K. I confirmed I’d be there in ten. Minutes that was.


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Aunt Betty’s Tomato Gravy, updated


Doop de doop de doo. It was the sort of made up chime she would sing out loud to herself while busily cooking in the small kitchen, who’s broad window spanned the width of the maple table, facing the large dogwood tree in the front yard. Uncle Mike had planted it.

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Magret Duck Breast, brandied peaches and cherries sauces


It was kind of like playing a little game of  ‘duck, duck, goose’ well all except there was no goose, only a missing duck, one Magret Duck Breast.

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Quick and Easy Peach and Nectarine Tarte Tatin


While the perfect ripeness for PYO Peaches and Nectarines still seemed about a week away upon a recent visit to Styers Orchard a few weeks back, still, we managed our way along to fill a couple of those long handled nylon re-usable bags perfect for hoisting onto the shoulder almost like back packs.

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August Cottage Cooking Club, Cheat’s Cauliflower Cheese


Welcome to the August edition of The Cottage Cooking Club where we monthly meet to share our preparations from the cookbook River Cottage veg everyday!, written by British cookbook author and food television personality, Hugh Fearnley- Whittingstall. River Cottage veg everyday, inspires incorporating more vegetables into our daily meals while being creative in the process.

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