Quick & Easy Holiday Appetizers with Chobani Greek Yogurt


Dreaming of the perfect holiday season party but with your hectic schedule are not sure how you are going to possibly pull it all together? Here are two Quick & Easy Holiday Appetizers you can put together in fifteen minutes or less using Chobani plain Greek Yogurt.

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Happy Hanukkah 2014, blessings shared with yet another generation


The thin piece of plywood sat adjoined to the front door in its final stages of the new home’s building. We managed our introductions while balancing a slight bounce on the flexible sheet beneath us. In just weeks, new homes finished, we were to be neighbors. She was a news reporter for the Philadelphia ABC television network, he, in the computer business. More profoundly though, it was simply chemistry.

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Cranberry Banana Mini Muffins


Yesterday, my favorite blogger, David Lebovitz, began his post initially considering that he might have been a bit late to the party providing cranberry recipes after Thanksgiving. Given the title, Cranberry, Raisin Pie, I didn’t begin panicking that I had indeed published an old fashioned, All American style cranberry sauce recipe post-Thanksgiving. And I even admit to being rather pleased with myself that today’s cranberry banana mini muffins were ready prepared for today’s post as he went on to express that this was perhaps the best time for cranberry recipes given the fresh market glut at this time.

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Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap Food Processor GIVEAWAY!


When you’re using the Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap Food Processor the only thing you need to learn is your recipe.


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Bratwurst, Apple, Stuffed Pork

Each year, sometime in the fall (no, it is not yet winter though it may look and feel like it) I take out a little time to page through some old cookbooks stacked on my kitchen bookshelf. Not looking for anything in particular, except some inspiration maybe, on what I might prepare for a couple of varied gatherings over the upcoming holiday season.

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Cranberry Sauce


On occasion I’ll forage the large plastic container in the basement, digging out some food articles I wrote for a newspaper of my longtime employ, along with sifting through some other assorted published pieces of past.

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November Cottage Cooking Club, Creamy Potato and Celeriac Mash


Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you, your family, and friends enjoyed a pleasant holiday sharing a treasured meal together, one of the great American traditions marking this special day where we take time to acknowledge our blessings.

I love Thanksgiving, for to me, it is also a great time to not only gather at the shared table, but a time to reflect on those special people in our lives, perhaps even recall particular memories shared together and feel grateful. I feel so close in heart to friends this time of year and for all those who have been notable in my life, maybe you feel this way this time of the year too.

One of my most recent shared tables has been Cooking Along with the Cottage Cooking Club where monthly we gather online from around the world in the conversation of the foods we have prepared from the cookbook, River Cottage veg everyday! written by British author and TV host  Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall



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Curried Butternut Squash Soup


A.) Cored out large sized pumpkins, a fancy tureen filled with hot soup, carefully ladled into small china bowls, lightly dolloped crème fraiche,  decorative silver spoons providing the final touches of elegance to the holiday’s first course.

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Chunky Applesauce


Not too sweet, not too tart, and, not too spiced, makes the combined flavors of Chunky Applesauce just right. Well, according to my taste, that is, and maybe your taste too.

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Stacked High Apple Pie


I can’t say that this stacked high apple pie is the replica coinciding the verse ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’, but then it just might count, at least a smidgen, given the dense volume of thick sliced fruit contained within.

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