Turkey Pot Pie


Not sure about you, but post Thanksgiving, outside of a couple favorite sandwiches, some random bits and slices to pick and eat straight out of the frig, there generally is not a huge bounty of leftover turkey in my house.

Well not enough anyway, to prepare anything resembling from among the ’35’ to ‘125’ circulating headline recipe preparations out there promoting ways to use it all up.

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Broccoli Salad, Thanksgiving or Tailgate Side


Broccoli Salad, Thanksgiving or Tailgate Side. I simply couldn’t help myself thinking about it, for although many folks across this country shall don their tables for the big roasted turkey with stuffing set upon tablecloths with fine china, crystal, and shiny polished silverware, still, there are plenty of others, including those in warm weather states, whose celebratory gatherings on Thanksgiving Day features football, perhaps even with a fried or smoked turkey at a big ole tailgate.

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Rockfish, Lobster Thermidor Style


The official date is now set for the annual Rockfish fishing expedition among some of the old college field hockey dads rigging up for reeling in their maximum supply of Maryland Rockfish with Capt Greg Buckner of Miss Susie Charters in the Chesapeake Bay.

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Roasted Pumpkin and Butternut Squash Soup, Cabbage, Orzo


Thumbing through one of my favorite cookbooks, “Potager” Fresh Garden Cooking in the French Style, I came upon a unique Roasted Pumpkin Stew whose ingredients swirled in some fresh strips of cabbage along with some cooked Italian riso.

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Dinner Party or Tailgate: Golden Beets & Little Red Potatoes, Arugula Salad


Senses bursting on overload, I happened onto the ultimate perfect timing in a plethora of the freshest, most colorful displays of produce ever last week just following a meeting held at a market cafe table set on the patio outside. It was one of those warm, crystal clear, sunny fall days.

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Creamed Kale and Mushrooms


Aunt Betty used to prepare countless renditions of every type of fresh vegetable when I was growing up so I’m sure Creamed Spinach was also part of her repertoire. Funny thing is, I can’t recall it as one of her notables. I am also assured my mother would never have prepared Creamed Spinach for it took at least a couple of years to get her into the Green Bean Casserole first prepared by Aunt Dot shortly after its invention.  So how I hooked onto creamed spinach as some sort of comfort food is anybody’s guess. Some gals go for the quart of Haagen Daaz, I would cook me up a box of frozen creamed spinach. Don’t even get me started on mashed potatoes. Seriously. You can’t make this stuff up.

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Mango Chutney


It was sort of like gold, having been gifted a whole case of mangoes from my friend Jyothi upon hosting the now summer past International Ladies Group barbecue, one of our gathering events that includes all of the families.

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‘Save that Pork Juice 16 Bean Soup’


Whoa. This early morning was officially the first pull the coat out of the closet your going to need it day. Brrr. First day of put on your coat in the early morning also snaps me right into the mode that the beautiful season of fall is indeed upon us, and I can finally buy some bright colored mums and be inspired by a little fall decorating, along with some apple picking too. The first chill also has me real excited to share with you a new season favorite, I call it ‘Save that Pork Juice 16 Bean Soup.’

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Kale, Mushroom, Goat Cheese Omelet


It must be less- than- half -hour dish preparation week around here for although Brunch and Breakfast have been trending these days inspiring me to a Kale, Mushroom, Goat Cheese Omelet, I ultimately got caught up last weekend with the Cook the Book Fridays, Sardine Rillettes preparation from the David Lebovitz, My Paris Kitchen cookbook. As it turned out, the Sardine Rillettes turned out to be every baguette slather worth the bite, and indeed may even have served well as a lovely prelude or side to the fall veg omelet. Both combined, less than one hour. Next time.

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Sardine Rillettes


Rillettes De Sardines or Sardine Spread are the indicated French and English titles heading the page long story just before the recipe in the David Lebovitz, My Paris Kitchen, Recipes and Stories Cookbook. 

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