Grilled Chicken Pinwheels, kale, cream cheese, sundried tomatoes


Looking for something tasty and elegant, yet easy and quick enough to prepare in under one hour? If so, Grilled Chicken Pinwheels may be the perfect pick for you.

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Creamy Roasted Fresh Tomato Soup


Slightly brighter green strips, the color of a grasshopper, finely coat the thin fibrous bundled strands like waxed nylon string running through long electrical lines giving taut strength to each branch and the soft, crisscross veined leaves.

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July Cottage Cooking Club, Celery and blue cheese bruschetta


Welcome to our July edition of The Cottage Cooking Club where we gather to share our preparations from the cookbook, “River Cottage veg everyday” by British author and television cooking personality, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. Our fearless and talented leader, Andrea, of the Kitchen Lioness, Notes from a Very Small German Kitchen  coordinates, out of Bonn, Germany the details of our lively online food and travel bloggers group, including providing the current month’s list of selected seasonal recipes.  Members then commit to preparing their choices from among these dishes over the following four weeks, meeting up again on the 28th of each month sharing together our findings and experiences on each of our chosen preparations.


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Herb Grilled Capon, Blueberry Salsa


Sitting at the computer one evening some weeks back, just catching up on news and posts, a certain title story caught my eye, something like ‘Let’s just stop already it on the grill stuff for Dad’s on Father’s Day.’ So I read it out loud, enough for those on the first floor to hear.

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Terhune Orchards, Blueberry Crumble


One of the qualities I’ve always admired in my next door neighbor is her sheer determination, but singly, her incredible ability to really maximize time, make every moment count.

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Summer Squash Sauté, an easy summer main course in less than 30 minutes


 A few slices of lightly topped bruschetta, a bit of cheese, perhaps some seasonal fruit. When it comes to dinner on those hot muggy days of summer, sometimes a simple meal of fresh garden vegetables such as a quick Summer Squash Sauté alongside a couple of small bites suits perfectly as a main course all in less than 30 minutes.

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Fried Stuffed Squash Blossoms


Among the many pleasures had in tending one’s own garden, having daily access to numerous gold and pale green squash blossoms has got to rank at the top when it comes to luxurious culinary benefits.

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June Cottage Cooking Club, Macaroni Peas



Welcome to our June Cottage Cooking Club gathering together as our group collectively cooks through all of the recipes in the cookbook, River Cottage veg everyday! by British author and television cooking host, Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall. Each month our highly talented and fearless leader, Andrea of the Kitchen Lioness, Notes from a very small German Kitchen, provides a list of seasonal recipes from each section of the book. Members then prepare their individual recipe choices from among the selection over the month until we meet again, at months end, sharing online our tables together, our experiences, techniques and observations, including those we shared them with and how they were enjoyed.


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Key Lime Pie Cups


Bursting with a highly aromatic scent of citrus, these small green and yellowish balls whose thin outer skin once cut, reveals a plentiful, densely tart juice makes the fruit of the Key Lime a highly treasured ingredient.

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Wild for Salmon, Wild Alaskan Scallops, Ikura, Ginger Lime Sauce




 Today’s Plat du Jour, Wild Alaskan Scallops, Ikura, Ginger Lime Sauce.

 Did you know that upon its sale, any wild fish caught in Alaska is specified as ‘Wild Alaska? or ‘Wild Alaskan’ or ‘Alaska’ seafood or fish? The particular designation not only identifies your fish quality and nutrition, but also species sustainability. Wild Alaskan Seafood is very strictly monitored on a daily basis throughout its catching season to avoid over-fishing, insuring healthy supplies of these essential foods in the future.

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