Mussels in White Sauce


There was a time when Mussels in White Sauce were all the buzz on where to find the ‘Best’ in the Philly region, with particular attention to those smaller joints sprinkled throughout the tightly woven streets of South Philadelphia, and then in the summer, on to the Jersey shore.

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Cheesy Roasted Eggplant Pie, Tomatoes, Basil


We probably have a few fogeys, every neighborhood does, but on the other hand, over the course of many years, I have always counted among my top blessings as having one of the truly best neighborhoods in the world. Mostly, it has really been a place sprinkled with amazing friends.

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Poached Fresh Apricots, Blackberries, Pistachios, on Ice Cream


Fruits, fresh fruits, beautiful fruits. Though the persistence of cloud cover and rain continue to blanket the east coast and many other parts of the country, still, with the onset of spring, markets, at least in these parts, have become ripe with bountiful fruit varieties bursting in colors and tempting the senses. 

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Rustic Sourdough Bread, First Loaves


Who loves Rustic Sourdough Bread? I do, and have always wanted to give a go on baking my own. Do you have anything special you’ve always wanted to prepare but the timing never seems to avail in life’s busy schedule?

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Wild Alaskan Cod, Crispy Coated, Garlic Roasted Medley Tomatoes


We can only do what we are able to do in any among circumstances, and so the best I can do for you today, particularly to those on the east coast and other parts of the country, delirious from the onslaught of so many consecutive days of dreary, dreary rain, is welcome you to the table with a bright and cheery dish, Wild Alaskan Cod, Crispy Coated, Garlic Roasted Medley Tomatoes.

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Rhubarb Strawberry Tart


Splotched with small tints of red and green, the long stalks of deeply shaded rosy pink lay stacked inside the produce box, their display causing me to somewhat topple the hushed quiet of the little market whose shoppers strolled the aisles to the low filtered music playing tunes of Frank Sinatra and era. Yay! You have Rhubarb, I exclaimed!

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Black Bean Soup


A giant pot sat simmering on the burner, its contents lending a spicy blend of textures and creaminess, Black Bean Soup. 

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‘Last but not Least’ Roasted Potatoes and Aubergines, April Cottage Cooking Club, our Farewell to River Cottage veg everyday!


Welcome to our April edition of the Cottage Cooking Club where for twenty-four months, a whole two years, a group of food bloggers from around the world have joined together, along with our fearless leader, Andrea Mohr, of ‘The Kitchen Lioness, Notes from a Very Small Kitchen,’ collectively cooking our way through the cookbook, “River Cottage veg everyday!” by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, British author and television personality.

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London Broil, Red Wine Sauce


Have you ever thought to yourself, aw geez, just when I finally learned how to properly open a wine bottle with a really nice cork remover, why did they have to change the process to screw caps?

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Smoked Wild Alaskan Salmon with Fettuccine in Scotch Cream Sauce


Kelly Rodriguez of the blog “A Lovely Life Indeed” and I were up in the air, holding on to suspended rings, smiling and flipping full circle, round and around on bright primary colored equipment that appeared as giant human sized K’NEX.

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