June Cottage Cooking Club, Macaroni Peas



Welcome to our June Cottage Cooking Club gathering together as our group collectively cooks through all of the recipes in the cookbook, River Cottage veg everyday! by British author and television cooking host, Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall. Each month our highly talented and fearless leader, Andrea of the Kitchen Lioness, Notes from a very small German Kitchen, provides a list of seasonal recipes from each section of the book. Members then prepare their individual recipe choices from among the selection over the month until we meet again, at months end, sharing online our tables together, our experiences, techniques and observations, including those we shared them with and how they were enjoyed.


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Key Lime Pie Cups


Bursting with a highly aromatic scent of citrus, these small green and yellowish balls whose thin outer skin once cut, reveals a plentiful, densely tart juice makes the fruit of the Key Lime a highly treasured ingredient.

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Wild for Salmon, Wild Alaskan Scallops, Ikura, Ginger Lime Sauce


 Today’s Plat du Jour, Wild Alaskan Scallops, Ikura, Ginger Lime Sauce.

 Did you know that upon its sale, any wild fish caught in Alaska is specified as ‘Wild Alaska? or ‘Wild Alaskan’ or ‘Alaska’ seafood or fish? The particular designation not only identifies your fish quality and nutrition, but also species sustainability. Wild Alaskan Seafood is very strictly monitored on a daily basis throughout its catching season to avoid over-fishing, insuring healthy supplies of these essential foods in the future.

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Lewes, Delaware ‘Picnic in the Park’


Summer road trips. Places to go and many things to see, and if you are open, with a bit of luck, there is even the chance to meet some unexpected special people along the way too.

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Kale Salad, Creamy Caesar, Cheesy Potato Skin Croutons


There are times when one must stand up for themselves, including those times of temptation, and this may mean war.

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Pistachio and Parmesan Tenderloins


The recipe was so easy, I would never forget.  From cocktail parties to smaller group gatherings with friends, these Pistachio and Parmesan Tenderloins were so popular, it was a no brainer to ever stop preparing them.

Do you have any, oh- so- easy to prepare, quick and delicious recipes that somehow fall off the radar for some reason or another, then much later pop into your mind and you find yourself needing to think through the ingredients of that very recipe you once thought were impossible to forget? I would never.  I once had today’s Pistachio and Parmesan Tenderloins at the home of a friend and thought they were amazing. With a mere few ingredients, it hardly seemed necessary to ever even jot down a recipe.

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Spicy Crab Soup


Do you think it is possible to become infatuated with a state simply based on one food ingredient?

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Stuffed Artichokes


Castroville, California, the “Artichoke Capital of the World” is located in Monterrey County short miles off of the Pacific Ocean. Being a rather quiet town as it was, causes me now to wonder how in the world I ever came to visit the place some years back, given there were no celebratory parades at the time, nor crowning of the Artichoke Queen, whose incidental first, was, Norma Jean, aka Marilyn Monroe. No kidding.

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Garden Salad, Bacon Dressing


Feeling a bit nostalgic recently, I decided to pull out the stops preparing the old fashioned Bacon Dressing for today’s Garden Salad. There is no embellishment, no thickener, no water, in fact, not even salt and pepper, more like the preparation style lots of the Mom’s used when I was growing up, just getting the food onto the dinner tables of commonly large families as quickly and timely as possible.

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May Cottage Cooking Club, courgette bruschetta


Welcome to our May gathering of our Cottage Cooking Club where we monthly share dishes from the cookbook River Cottage veg everyday, by British author and TV cooking host, Hugh Fernley- Whittingstall.

Hosting the group,  ‘our fearless leader,’ as I affectionately call her, out of Bonn, Germany, Andrea, the Kitchen Lioness, Notes from a Very Small German Kitchen. This day of the 28th, collectively cooking our way through all the offerings in this cookbook, we together join online sharing those dishes that we have prepared from among the monthly line up carefully selected by Andrea, local and seasonally based by recipe ingredients, or as best possible.


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